Pat Budge

Garden Valley, ID

I often say that I compose my memories. I remember places I’ve been, people I’ve met; I remember landscapes and colors, song titles and lyrics, fragments of conversations. And, I remember my impressions. 

The imagery I use incorporates the bits and pieces of letters, chopped-up geometric shapes, and repetitive units.

Machine piecing is my major technique, sewing together shapes and lines that have been both free-hand and precision cut. Most of my work uses commercial solid cotton fabric. The closely-spaced quilting stitches are sewn blending the thread color to each individual fabric color and provide texture, giving life to a flat piece of constructed fabric.

Selected Exhibitions and Honors

Quilt National, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2017, 2019, Dairy Barn Arts Center, Athens, Ohio

Color Improvisations 2: International Invitational of Contemporary Quilts, opening Museum Tuch + Technik, Neumunster, Germany 2016, traveling Europe and U.S., and closing Springfield Museum of Art, Ohio, 2020

36th and 37th New Legacies: Contemporary Art Quilts, 2018 and 2019, The Lincoln Center, Fort Collins, Colorado

Fiber Arts IX, Sebastopol Center for the Arts, California, 2019

Deux, SAQA exhibit Italy and France, 2013