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Audrey Hyvonen
Kalispell MT

The themes I explore in my work always circle back to exploring some sort of tension: Hold/release, accept/reject, binary/non-binary, strength/vulnerability. I appreciate the medium of quilts as a soft entry into potentially hard conversations about loaded topics and use my social collaborations to facilitate some of those opportunities.I make quilts with commercial fabrics, natural imagery and abstract representation.  As a textile artist, I explore traditional and mosaic piecework, layered collage and mark making through quilt texture.  As a community artist, I invite the public to interact with my art making as an invitation to enter into new conversations.

Selected Exhibitions and Honors

Abstract Airport, Palliative Care Clinic, Logan Health, Kalispell MT

Broad Spectrum:Abundant Palette, SAQA 

Traffic Signal Box Project, Kalispell MT

Opposites Attract, SAQA Global

Sun Bath Quilt Tour, Easthampton MA

Threads Of Resistance, Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton, MA

The Animal Show, Paper City Gallery, Holyoke MA

Elevate Art, Quilts on Stilts with a Slow Stitch Sit Along, Easthampton, MA​

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